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The Use of Plastics Waste in the Construction of ASPHALT ROAD

source-Indian center for plastics in environment.

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Recycling asphalt

Ripping, pushing to hoe, hoe puts into crusher/screen for recycling

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Recycling Old Asphalt at Van Norman Dam, Narrated by Matt Woods

BSS recycles the old asphalt we remove from a street before resurfacing. One of the places we process the grindings is our Van Norman Dam facility, which is run by Matt Wood. In this video Matt explains how the material is separated into large and small chunks and then further processed into a fine material that can be used at our Municipal Asphalt Plants to make new asphalt. The new asphalt we use to resurface streets has at least 25% recycled content!

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WIRTGEN GmbH┃Animation Cold Recycling Mixing Plant KMA220 KMA220i EN

Mobile cold recycling mixing plant for the production of cold mixes for road construction by adding various binding agents. The plant is mounted on a semi-trailer and is driven by its own diesel engine. This mobile design permits easy transfer to various locations and a fast setup.
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How green asphalt roads will save you tax money | Martins Zaumanis | TEDxRiga

Mārtiņš Zaumanis is an asphalt researcher – member of a rare breed of professionals that rarely anyone has heard of. In his talk, Mārtiņš speaks about his belief: that asphalt can be fully recyclable and produced in environmentally friendlier way.

As a Fulbright scholar pursuing Ph.D in highway engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, he developed a doctoral dissertation on 100% recycling of asphalt pavements.

Mārtiņš has been a leader of multiple research projects, is a co-author of two books and has published more than 20 research articles, but is keen to apply the academic research in practical use. He is taking part of business incubator, and is involved in road construction industry – quality control, consulting, project management, asphalt mixture design and asphalt production.

Mārtiņš is also the winner of TEDxRiga Story Hunt 2015 — a contest that got him to the big stage at The Power of Small.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Manthan: Episode 17: Recycling Asphalt (डामर की रिसाक्लिंग)

दुनिया भर में हर साल हजारों किलोमीटर लंबी सड़कें बनाने के लिए नए डामर का इस्तेमाल किया जाता है.
A lot of asphalt is used in constructing new roads. But now a new method can help in using recycled asphalt for new roads.

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More Recycled Asphalt

Today’s project was to spread another load of recycled asphalt on the area approaching and under the log frame that was built to lift our boat. I’m getting close to actually lifting the boat!

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Pavecon, Ltd. Cement / Asphalt Recycle

Manheim Rehab Job

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RM 100GO! & MS100GO! recycling asphalt to a 1″ minus spec material

Crushing asphalt in a closed-cercuit application to 1″ minus product. The RUBBLE MASTER RM 100GO! has a mesh screen and a re-feeding belt attached. Get more info at or send an e-mail to

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Recycled asphalt millings

Finished Driveway…… RockCycle Asphalt Millings Co.

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