It is said that repair is better than replacement. This is the theory used behind the famous milling machine. This machine has been extensively used by asphalt development companies to repair asphalt based commodities most especially pavements. This particular article will talk about this particular milling machine that is used to repair asphalt pavements.

Asphalt is petroleum by product that is appreciated for its high viscosity, pitch black and semi-solid nature that makes it very suitable for roads and pavement construction repair and maintenance. It is, therefore, very prudent to ensure that machines used for handling asphalt be very suitable for asphalt handling to ensure the machines are protected as well as the asphalts nature and properties that make it suitable for its use.

What is an asphalt milling machine?

This is a machine used to ‘curve out’ old and torn down parts of an asphalt pavement for replacement. It is highly appreciated because it gives the developer a chance to repair a pre-existing asphalt block instead of replacing the whole block, which is obviously expensive. This machine takes off, selectively, and according to the operator’s instruction, the worn out portion of a slightly damaged asphalt block and allows for repair through a series of activities that will be later discussed as well.

You may ask, how does the machine work though? The complexities of its operations are best left for the operator but here is something I can tell a greenhorn; it consists of several parts that work together to drill holes in asphalt pavement. This machinery has forks and lifts that have been designed to dig into asphalt at least 50 millimeters deep. These residues are then picked up by the same asphalt milling machine and deposited to the waiting trucks that take this residues to factories for recycling and redesigning. This machine parts, as well as the whole machine, however, are notorious for having a high rate of wear and tear. It is thus very vital to keep this machine in check to prevent destruction to the asphalt milling machine which will in turn damage even the pavements under repair.

Milling can be done for several reasons including: to remove irregularities on a surface. Asphalt pavements sometimes have bumps and depressions that need to be cleared off. Milling can do this job perfectly. On fact, the main original reason for a milling machine was to ensure any asphalt pavement job was done perfectly.In addition to the above,milling can be done to repair damage over time, or to change the contour structure of the pavement such as to introduce a depression, and also to bring together aggregates and binders which may have drifted apart.

Asphalt milling machines are vital for any job involving asphalt material. The machine is not only important during repair, but also during the construction itself to ensure a good job is done even in the finishing as well as the landscape architecture of the firm. The RENOVA is a must have machine for all construction companies.