Base asphalt paving Overview

//Base asphalt paving Overview

Base asphalt paving Overview

An overview of the Base asphalt paving process in the province of New Brunswick by Northern Construction (Northern Group). under contract to The New Brunswick Department of transportation and Infrastructure.

Rte # 3 & 4, Contract # 16-0116, McAdam, New Brunswick, FDR, Base and Seal.

Locate the area on Google Earth and drive it with “Street View” before the project with the following Coords. Location: 45°39’21.74″N, 67° 7’53.21″W


Aztec SB-2500 Material Transfer Vehicle
CAT 1055D Paver
Dynapac CC-6200 breakdown roller
Volvo PT240R Rubber Tire Roller
CAT CB-634D Finish Roller
Freightliner Classic, 4 door, Tandem service truck

Produced by Lindsay Carr, DTI:

Thanks to: Northern Construction Group:

Full depth recycling video of the contract:

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