An overview of the Base asphalt paving process in the province of New Brunswick by Northern Construction (Northern Group). under contract to The New Brunswick Department of transportation and Infrastructure.

Rte # 3 & 4, Contract # 16-0116, McAdam, New Brunswick, FDR, Base and Seal.

Locate the area on Google Earth and drive it with “Street View” before the project with the following Coords. Location: 45°39’21.74″N, 67° 7’53.21″W


Aztec SB-2500 Material Transfer Vehicle
CAT 1055D Paver
Dynapac CC-6200 breakdown roller
Volvo PT240R Rubber Tire Roller
CAT CB-634D Finish Roller
Freightliner Classic, 4 door, Tandem service truck

Produced by Lindsay Carr, DTI:

Thanks to: Northern Construction Group:

Full depth recycling video of the contract: