The Public Works Department of Himachal Pradesh in northern India has started constructing roads with plastic and polythene waste.

Its an attempt to save the environment from the menace of plastic waste. The plastic will actually make roads stronger. This effort by the state government has been well appreciated by environmentalists in the area.

[Rajinder Kumar, Road Inspector]:
“Plastic is dangerous to the environment, so we are making proper use of plastic waste and garbage. This will not only save the environment but also save the government money, as it is very economical and saves expenses on charcoal.”

[PC Kapoor, Public Works Department]:
“Plastic is a menace and we have planned to use it more gainfully, for the construction of the roads. This is at the experimental stage. We shred the plastic bags or plastic material and mix it the tarring material. We have planned to use this kind of technology for the urban areas.”

Kapoor added that the plastic roads will help improve the states economy by making it more accessible.