Most of the paved roads in the modern times are constructed by using asphalt. This is one of the most efficient and durable material used to make pavements. The good thing is that it is possible for asphalt to be recycled. Recycled asphalt pavements have gained a lot of popularity because they offer a lot of benefits. Most constructors prefer this form of asphalt because of cost effectiveness, sustainability and environmental friendliness. The recycling of asphalt has made it possible for constructors to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly projects that are also beneficial for the economy. Here are some of the major benefits of recycled asphalt pavement.

Recycled Asphalt Is As Good As The Original – Or Better

Asphalt that is recycled with the RENOVA asphalt recycler is actually better than the original. This means that the pavements that are made from this form of asphalt are also as good as the ones made from the original asphalt. This is the case because during the recycling process, asphalt does not lose any of its quality. There is also the argument that recycled asphalt pavement is of better quality that original pavement. This is in terms of durability and sturdiness. It is also good to note that asphalt that is recycled is also renewable, so it offers long term benefits.

Cost Effectiveness

This form of asphalt offers cost benefits in that it helps save a lot of money in the construction process. It is cheaper to purchase and produce recycled asphalt. This means that it helps to reduce the cost of construction of the pavement. It is also worth noting that the cost of constructing pavement using recycled asphalt is lower compared to original asphalt. This is because a lot of processes such as mining of these materials are eliminated.

Increase Use Of Other Recyclable Materials

Constructing recycled asphalt pavement enhances the use of other materials that can be recycled. Those materials that are produced by other industries can be recycled into asphalt materials instead of being thrown up in landfills. Materials such as asphalt roofing shingles and glass are integrated in the recycled asphalt. This makes the pavement have added material that brings in new property to the mixture.

Environmental Friendliness

One of the greatest benefits of making pavement using the recycled asphalt is its positive environmental impact. Increased use of the recycled asphalt helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gas. This happens because of the reduced fuel consumption that is needed to get and process raw materials for the original asphalt. This leads to reduced air pollution and reduced global warming as a result of the reduced greenhouse gas emission.

Save Natural Resources

In addition to saving money, recycled asphalt pavement helps preserve natural resources such as gravel, sand and stones. These are resources that are very limited in the modern days. By recycling asphalt, these resources are preserved and can be used in major road constructions in the future.

So, whenever you want to make your pavement look great, it is advisable to use recycled asphalt so that you can enjoy the above benefits.